Hello! I make games and digital art.

When I was younger I used to design games on paper and in my head, but over time this passion demanded a proper outlet. I started programming to bridge the gap between ideas and products, and fell in love with the journey of learning to code and make games.

Now I'm an aspiring Indie game developer and 3D artist working in Unity3D, ActionScript and 3DS Max. I'm always looking to create interesting and mind-bending gaming goodness, but once in a while I let my thoughts indulgently return to games about explosions, robots and silly animations.

If you would like to find out more, have a look at my work and get in touch with me!

Queen Frances and the Rat Rebellion

A fairy tale puzzle-platformer in which a queen must magically transform rats back into dogs


A 2-player game I am currently developing, which puts a twist on turn based combat and exploration

Rise of the Meebas

A Ludum Dare game about evolution, platforms, and punishing little green critters


A game in which you need to propel a planet through a dangerous galaxy at the cost of its inhabitants

Left Behind

A simple game in which you play a lonely seagull searching for his flock


Another Ludum Dare game that has you trying to hack your way out of a series of rooms

Forest Spirit

3D modeling, texturing and animating with 3DS Max and morph targets

Nomadic Dog

A strange creature, modeled in Sculptris