Lair M.D.


I worked with team RetroEpic to make this game for Ludum Dare 29, with the theme “Beneath the Surface”.
LAIR M.D. is a fantastical investigation game in which the player controls a doctor whose job it is to keep an army of goblins physically and mentally healthy. To do this, the player must use his eyes, wits, and bizarre diagnostic tools to unearth symptoms from a goblin patient. Curing patients quickly is good for business, but rushing the job and diagnosing the wrong ailment could kill the patient and your practice.

Art: Paul Lombard (@pmlomb)
Coding: Brendon Smuts (@BrendonSmuts)
Coding: Niki Boshoff (@nixbb)
Game design & writing: The whole team

Lair M.D.


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