Silhouette was originally our entry for the 2013 Global Game Jam.
In Silhouette, one player plays a hapless victim escaping from the other, a maniacal killer. In turn-based action, the victim must find a key to escape a twisting, nightmarish mansion, while the killer must hunt and murder the poor victim. However, as the two get closer to one another their turns get shorter and the tension builds to a frenzy. Being a local multiplayer game, both players play on the same computer and share the same screen, which creates unusual and often hilarious interactions outside the game.

Code: William Francis
Sound & music: Charl Mostert (
Additional code: Thabo Ndlovu

Exhibitions & Press:
In 2013, Silhouette was exhibited in the Rezzed Leftfield Collection (UK), at Virgin Media Games Space (UK), at A MAZE Johannesburg (SA), and at rAge Expo (SA)
Silhouette has been written about by PC Gamer, Rock Paper Shotgun, and The Guardian


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